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September 11th 2014 – The 13th Anniversary


I’m sure no one reading this needs me to remind them  that the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks are now upon us. No, instead today I wanted to have a brief discussion with you the concerned reader; the holder of the flame of liberty. We were told by our founding fathers that the cost of liberty was constant vigilance. They told us to keep the seeds of liberty they had planted would cost us our sacred honor, our fortune and our lives. My brothers and sisters of all the events of modern history none so signed and sealed our fate and future path through the unknown as much as the day of the 9/11 attacks. Anyone who knows me knows that I love a great conspiracy theory about almost anything, and the topic at hand has more than I have time or patience to sit here and write about thirteen years after the fact. What we do know is whether this was as the government said a “conventional” attack with a higher precision success rate than most special forces operations or that as many within our movement have thus far nearly proven “an inside job” the end fact remains we the people payed dearly. We paid with a loss of life never seen before on sovereign soil since the Pearl Harbor attack that thrust us into world war two.  After thirteen years many people have woke up to see the country they once knew exist no more. Today I’d like everyone to reflect on this fact.

I can’t in good conscience write this without mentioning this year’s news buzz and everyone’s worst nightmare. ISIS. First off I put the risk of a “conventional” or “conspiratorial” attack at about 50/50. That is no different than any other day since I woke up. This world and our country knows no end to ignorance. People in general and group mentality have a way these days of making self fulfilled prophecy become truth. Again I expect the readers of this to be versed enough and on the level that I don’t need to explain those statements. Some can see biblical prophecy in ISIS and its ultimate goals and to be honest while I agree I would also say everything else is as well as it was written to be. Not something this article will go into. ISIS exists in a world that can not effectively combat guerrilla style kamikaze attack plans. The old adage about a hydra and cutting its head comes to mind. The question as I have posed it before is whether or not you will fight for the greater good (liberty & god) will you fight against the greater evil (consumerism, communism, socialism, etc). This is a game that has been played by mankind since the beginning of time. The founding fathers were not just talking about the fight for liberty and a morally correct country and or society. They were talking about the eternal war on earth of good vs evil. Everyday is a battle with new faces and problems. Remain vigilant and keep your trust not in the princes of man. ISIS is just another in a long chain of disenfranchised sociopathic lost souls being herded with great rhetoric and oration in the name of whatever will make you feel good right now and further an agenda of someone who is using you to their own earthly end. Don’t fall for it, and do not fear. As was best put by the novel “Dune” , “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.” A little over the top but it captures the feeling in my heart precisely every day I wake up and try to be as informed as I can to be as effective as a patriot as I can as the best god fearing servant I can possibly be.

In short, ISIS is just another rung on the ladder in the day and life of being here. Head on a swivel and paying attention, constant vigilance pays dividends. Do not fall for them or any other as their goal is to make you have more fear than you did than if they did not exist. They just like the attackers involved in 9/11 whether “conventional” or “conspiratorial” is irreverent the common bond between stories is that whoever they are their goal was your loss of liberty and constant fear and dread. By and large these people have been very successful and liberty has died drastically in the USA to the roar of thunderous applause in the name of security and law and order. Our countryman have been led astray by false promises and corrupt officials in the name of polarized politics and money. I won’t go on about that as anyone with a head on their shoulders can see for themselves exactly how much this country changed for the worse. While also creating a class war, a race war and a major immigration issue. This along with the moral bankrupting of our country and of its fiscal practices speaks for itself and where we stand as a country and as a group of people concerned about it.

I choose to reflect on these facts and redouble my determination to do everything I can for my family, my community, my country and for God. We all will be judged for what we did, not for what we talked about or what we said needed to be done. We must vote in our local elections. We must take back our rights from those, WHOEVER they are that would control or subjugate us. It is our duty to inform our fellow man. It is our duty to utilize the methods our founding fathers left for us. The ballot box (no matter how corrupt we must stand up and be counted in the eyes of God), The jury box (we must nullify all unconstitutional laws and leaders who do not obey the sacred documents of our country) The cartridge box (I hope we never have to defend our God given rights with deadly force. I preach to all patriots to take the high moral ground. Like the Timberland rattler we will not strike until stepped upon, make no mistake our war cry is not hollow). This with daily prayer and trust in god will guide us individually and collectively on the righteous path. It is our sacred duty to do these things because we have chosen to take this mantle up and make it our own.

The anniversary of 9/11 is just like any other day to me. I give pause with my patriot brethren to realize the machinations of this event and how it directly affects our eternal struggle in this life. Be strong and remember to fight for the greater good, and not against the greater evil.  God bless all of you. I pray for strength and safety for all of us as I do everyday.

Don’t get caught up in the hype it is a system of control that will direct you off the right path and into a dark room where you will feel alone. Don’t let “them” win.

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