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Meet Number Six


Number 6 in his usual defiant form on the day after a milestone in history releases his manifesto and accompanying audio for your enjoyment. It is a special delight for me to share with you both of these objects and invite you to take a moment to redraw the lines in the sand.

Number Six here. Do you feel the grip of civilized reality slipping, do you feel like everything you know is being turned inside out? Do you feel like your beliefs in one nation under God is under attack? Do you feel that a free and open capitalistic market has fallen in place of new devious designs? It is, and you are not crazy. You must RESIST. At all costs you must be DEFIANT. It is possible to beat their game, but first you must know yourself. You must define in crystal clarity without any mental reservation or doubt what it is you believe in and what you are willing to live and die for. The time for half measures is over. It is time to organize and deploy the infantry in this war. It is unavoidable as it has been for our forefathers in the past we too must wajor our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor. You can rest assured now you will not emerge the other side of this conflict with anything except freedom. But without freedom what will you do?

You are not here to read about that, you already know in your heart where their game ends and the prices good god fearing people will pay.

Now is the time to buy your firearms, ammunition and capability to reload.
Now is the time to learn about radio telecommunications and how to deploy them.
Now is the time to learn to live a simpler life, less reliant on Big Pharma, Big Agra, and the Federal Reserve Fiat Currency empire.
Now is the time to educate yourself about the long lost ballot box, the ever forgotten jury box, and the consequences of the cartridge box.
Now is the time to learn basic first responder medical knowledge and stock up on many common medical related equipment and supplies.
Now is the time to learn to grow small gardens, and utilize heirloom seeds and organic growth methods.

It is your responsibility to learn about why what is happening has been allowed, and those financiers behind the curtain and what they really believe in. You should investigate the Builderburg group, the trilateral commission, and the council on foreign relations. You should investigate where the money leads and what those people believe in and the ends they are willing to go to to achieve their ultimate goals.

Now is the time come to terms with the fact that you do not vote for the President. The electoral college does. The popular vote means nothing. Find out who the delegates are, and how they are able to vote however they please outside of your voting system.
Now is the time to realize that neither Republicans, nor Democrats have you in mind, but instead are two sides to the same coin, to wings on the same bird, two ends of the same snake and are all headed to the same end game.

Now is the time to realize what the end game is, and how every regime in every civilization since Alexander the Great has been trying to achieve it.
Now is the time to understand what scientific tyranny is and how the great social experiment works to their end.
Now is the time to understand how TPTB use the power of meme’s to manage social rage and calamity.

Now is the time to realize you are a prisoner with a number unable to see who number 1 is, unable to escape your prison, unable to see the start or end of your cage. You are plugged in, and a servant to their system in every regard.


The time is coming, time is short and whether you are ready or not this is happening. Make your own plan, teach others, show them what you have learned, challenge them to show you that the information you have provided is false. We are no longer planting seeds, we are caring for the un-flowered fruits of what will be our army against the war on tyranny.

I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own.


God Forgive Us All, Bless Us All and Guide us mercifully into the night.
Number 6

braveheartradio – who has written posts on BraveHeartRadio.Net.

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